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Mission Statement Fun Discovery Value

Who knew shopping online could be so much fun! At Little Black Bag, we aim to please and hope you enjoy shopping, trading, and interacting with other fashionistas in a one-of-a-kind environment.

On LBB you will find your favorite brands and discover new ones. Our mission is to Delight you at every turn. From the moment you open your bag to the excitement of trading to the satisfaction of receiving great products from your favorite brands right at your doorstep. We'll even delight you with our LBB Happiness Guarantee!

How We Got Started

Little Black Bag is loosely based on a Japanese tradition known as the "Lucky Bag Sale." During the event, retailers sell mystery bags of products and customers buy these bags and trade the items inside with their friends. We are bringing this exciting shopping concept to the US and putting it online for the first time ever!

Press Kit

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Founding Team

Dan Murillo, CEO
Sasha Siddhartha, CTO

Board of Directors

Yves Sisteron, Director, GRP Partners
Barbara Wambach, Director
Mark Suster, Observer, GRP Partners
David Chao, Observer, DCM

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