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Carlos by Carlos Santana

Carlos by Carlos Santana are hip, hot fashionable shoes inspired by the passion and energy that surround Santana's music. Carlos footwear is designed for women who demand fashion and love shoes. They bring the latest trends in materials, colors, shapes and detailing with a hip Carlos point-of-view that appeals to 'fashionistas' - who want shoes that will 'make' an outfit - not 'match' it. Passionate. Soulful. Sexy. Carlos by Carlos Santana shoes are wearable works of art designed for divas who don’t shy away from attention. Carlos combines up-to-the-minute trends, colors and styles with his hip perspective to create boots, sandals and pumps that always bring out your inner fashionista. Not only has Carlos Santana mastered the style of shoes, but has also mastered the finesse of handbags. For handbags that make your outfit — not just match it — choose fun and sexy designs by Carlos Santana. Inspired by the energy and passion in his Grammy® Award-winning music, these bags feature luxe materials in the most vibrant, expressive colors.

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