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Robyn Rhodes

As a former celebrity assistant and after several years working in the TV & Film industry, Robyn Rhodes decided to channel her creative desires and energies inward and left the business to start her own line of jewelry. Making her own unique designs using glass pendants and giving them as gifts, word of mouth quickly spread and she knew she was onto something. With such innovative creations, Robyn soon found her designs being worn by Hollywood's elite. Robyn realizes how fortunate she is to be able to do something she is so passionate about. She is driven by a strong desire to give back any way she can. This is why Robyn is driven to work closely with a few charities that she has a particularly strong connection to.

Seen In:
In Style, People Style Watch, Lucky, In Touch, Elle, People, Life & Style
Worn By:
Jessica Alba, Eva Longoria, Penelope Cruz, Scarlett Johannson, Emmanuelle Chiriqui

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