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How it works
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-Fast Track Customer Service

For faster service when contacting LBB please have the following information on hand for faster service:


For all inquiries

·         ORDER # (When you log into your account your 7-digit order number will be located in your Order History).

·         E-mail address associated with your account

For Returns

If you have not received your exchange credit or refund for your return(s) please provide the following:

·         ORDER # that your item is located

·         ITEM # (When you click on the item photo, a product page will appear. Example - your item number is the number that appears in the link after product/details.

·         TRACKING # (highly recommended)

For Coupon Usability Questions

·         Please provide the COUPON CODE

For Referral and Gifting Issues

·         Please provide the e-mail of the person who sent the referral or gift and the e-mail of the person who received it. (Note that referrals must not share payment and or shipping information)

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How it works
- How does the VIP membership work?

As a VIP member of Little Black Bag, you receive these benefits


* The lowest prices on our merchandise of up to 70% off or more!

* Access to our exclusive gifts with purchase free each month!

* Skip any month by the 5th or, on the 6th, get $10 in merchandise credit to spend or save for $9.95.


You may cancel your membership at any time to avoid any future charges by contacting customer service.  There's never an obligation to buy. It pays to be a VIP Member!

- How does trading work?

Trading is the most fun part about buying from Little Black Bag! In order to start trading, you must checkout to place your order. Once you have checked out, you can visit the Gallery to see all of the merchandise available to trade from other users. There will be 1000s of products to chose from and excessive trading is permitted and encouraged!


On each product page, you can click "Make Trade Offer" and then choose the item(s) that you'd like to offer up for trade. You'll receive an e-mail notification if your trade is accepted. You'll see your incoming trades on the My Bag page and you'll be able to make outgoing trades from our Gallery.

When trading shoes, you are only able to trade with a user that has the same default size set on their account. You can change your default size under Account > Settings. You are also able to use our 'add to bag' feature to add shoes that are a half size up or down from the size set on your account. Good luck and Happy Trading!

- What are bundles and how much is the discount?

Buy a bundle and save!  If you choose our bundle option, you'll get 1 or 2 stylist picks in addition to your first pick item that you'll be able to trade with.  Buying a bundle not only gives you more items to trade with but also saves you money!  Just click on the item in the Gallery that you'd like to open with to see your savings.

- What is the 'add to bag' feature?

See another product that you can't live without but already have an open bag??  We have the solution to your problem!  Our "add to bag" feature allows you to purchase an individual item and add it to your current open bag.  You can add any available item to your bag and this will not change the length of your trading period.  Any previous trade offers that you've made for that added item will automatically be canceled.  

Once you choose to add an item, you will automatically be charged for that item and that order cannot be canceled.  You can still trade away an item that you've added just as you would any other item in your bag.  

- What is the cancellation policy?

You may cancel your membership at any time to avoid future charges.  If you already have a bag open, your membership will be canceled after that order has shipped.  Once you've begun trading, added any extra items to your bag using our 'add to bag' feature, or gifted from or redeemed gifts into your bag, it cannot be canceled. In order to cancel your membership, contact customer service at 310.421.4500 or

- Bag Limitations

Due to technical limitations, the maximum supported number of items in an open bag is 40.  If you reach this number of items in your bag and are experiencing issues with your bag, please to contact Customer Service and we'll be happy to help you out!

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- Where do you ship to?

We currently ship within the US and Canada as well as to APO/FPO, and Puerto Rico!

- How much is shipping?

We offer economy shipping via FedEx Smartpost (3-8 business days) within the contiguous United States for $5.95. We also offer standard (2-5 business days) for $8.95 and expedited shipping (2 business days) via FedEx for $18.95. All time frames quoted are from the time the product leaves our warehouse which is usually within 1 business day.


If you are shipping to Alaska, Hawaii, APO/FPO, or Puerto Rico, we use XPO which can take 2-3 weeks and the shipping charge is $11.95.


Shipping to Canada via DHL Global Mail costs $15.95 and takes 5-10 business days. Due to Canadian Government tax and duties (GST, PST, duties), we levy an additional 23% to the price you paid to cover these costs. DHL works with Canada Post to deliver your package to you. You will not be charged any COD fees or other costs upon delivery. There is no standard or expedited shipping to these destinations.


Please note that shipping durations are an estimate from when the product leaves our warehouse, at which time you will be sent a ship confirmation email. Keep in mind that our warehouse is closed over the weekend.

- Do you charge tax?

We only charge sales tax for orders being shipped to California and Ohio.  If you are shipping to Canada,  we levy an additional 23% to the price you paid to cover the Canadian Government taxes and duties (GST, PST, duties).  You will not incur any additional taxes, duties or any COD fees upon delivery.

- Where is my order?

You can track your order under Account > Order History.  Please allow 24 hours for your tracking to update once you receive your ship confirmation e-mail ( For Canadian orders allow up to 5 business days to receive tracking information as tracking is not available until after the order is processed through customs.)  Please note that shipping durations are an estimate from when the product leaves our warehouse.  Keep in mind that our warehouse is closed over the weekend.

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- How do returns work?

You can return any unused product within 30 days of your receipt for exchange credit. You may also return your item for a prorated refund. Please visit our Returns Center for more information.



Gift items can only be returned for exchange credit and may not be returned for a refund.



Exchange credit is not transferable and must be redeemed on the account that the original purchase was made on.



From time to time, LBB offers a gift with purchase for our VIP members. These items are not eligible for refund or exchange. If you happen to send one of these items back, you will not receive any exchange credit or a prorated refund and we cannot send these items back.


For refunds, we use the formula below to calculate the amount. Please note that you will not be refunded or given credit for any shipping charges or taxes/duties charged for Canadian shipping. 



Retail price of returned item(s)

-----------------------------------------     X   Price you paid for your bag  = Return amount

Total retail value of your bag



Here's an example using real numbers:



Returned item $25.00

-------------------------------------------------    X   Price paid $49.95 = Return amount $12.49*

Total retail value of your bag $100


Once a return is received at our warehouse, it will be processed within 2-3 business days and you'll receive an e-mail notification letting you know.

*The refund amount on an item can never be greater than the "Add to Bag" price of the item.

- What is the exchange gallery and how does it work?

When you return an item for exchange, you will receive an email once the item is processed that will direct you to the Exchange Gallery where you can choose a replacement item. If you don’t have an open bag, you can open a new bag with any of the Exchange Gallery items and all you pay is S&H. If you do have an open bag, you can add an item into your open bag for no additional S&H.


The Exchange Gallery will work as follows:


1. Category: The category of the items in the Exchange Gallery are the same as the item that was returned. For example, if you returned a handbag, you will see handbags in the Exchange Gallery. If we have a limited selection of items in that category then we will show items from other categories.

2. Retail Value/Add to Bag Price: The Exchange Gallery items are equal to or less than the Retail Value and “Add to Bag” price of the item that was returned. For example, if you returned a $100 Retail Value handbag with an “Add to Bag” price of $49, you will see ALL the handbags of up to $100 of Retail Value and $49 in “Add to Bag” price in the Exchange Gallery.

3. Time: The items in the Exchange Gallery have been released for at least 24 hours. *Sale items that are re-released to the site must also be on the site a full 24 hours before they will appear in the Exchange Gallery

- What do I do if I received a damaged/incorrect item?

In the unfortunate event that you receive a damaged or defective item, we are here to help!   Once we are able to assess the damage, we will provide a pre-paid FedEx label for you to use to send your item back.  Once we receive the damaged item, if it is in stock, a replacement will automatically be sent.  If not, you'll be able to choose a replacement from our Exchange Gallery.  Please to contact our customer service team for further instructions!  

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- How do I purchase a gift?

For birthdays, holidays, or just because.....LBB is the perfect gift for all the fashionable women in your life! Gifts cards can be purchased by members and non-members alike by visiting the Gifts section on our site.

You can choose who to send the gift card to and on which date to send it. Once you purchase a gift card, we'll send an e-mail to the recipient to let them know.

- How do I redeem a gift?

If your friend was thoughtful enough to gift you an item from her bag, she's a keeper! If you haven't signed up yet, you'll be invited to take our style quiz and create an account to redeem your gift. If you are already a member or have an account, you can choose to redeem the gift by itself or open a bag and add the gifted item to your open bag. Gift items are redeemed into whichever account is logged in at the time. If you are unhappy with your item once you receive it, you are welcome to send it back to us for an exchange credit that will be added to your next bag.


Once you gift an item from your bag, you are not able to cancel it and it cannot be refunded. Gift items will be redeemed into whichever account the recipeint is logged into at the time. Gift items may only be returned for exchange credit. 

- How do I gift items from my bag?

If there is an item in your bag that you know a friend will LOVE, send it her way! Perfect for a birthday gift or just because! When you have an open bag, just click the 'Gift an Item' button at the top right of your My Bag page. You'll then be able to choose an item from your bag to gift to a friend....whether or not she's already a part of LBB! After choosing the item to gift just fill in the recipients information and click 'send gift.' As soon as you gift the item, your card will be charged for the $5.95 processing fee for the gifted item(s).  An additional $10 will be charged for Canadian customers once the gifts are redeemed. If your friend is already a member on LBB, she can add the gifted item into an open bag and if she isn't, she'll be invited to create an account and redeem her gift! Gifting an item is a fun way to surprise your BFF and invite her to join in the fun....and we all know shopping is more fun with friends!


Gifted items cannot be canceled and we are not able to refund gift item processing fees.

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- How do I enter a coupon code?

If you've received a coupon code, you can enter it under Account > Membership Info in the 'Your Coupons' section.  You can also add a code on the billing page prior to checkout.  Coupon codes cannot be added once you complete checkout and your bag is open on the site.  

Our promotions are not combinable and only one code can be used per purchase.  All first time purchase codes are one per household.  

- How does the Free Item Trial work?

From time to time we offer Free Item Trials for new users to familiarize them with our site and how trading works.  If you were lucky enough to receive a Free Item Trial invitation from us, you'll be able to come to the site, choose one item from our Free Trial Gallery and open a bag to trade for 3 days before we ship you your items.  Free Item Trials are not combinable with other coupons or offers, they are for first time purchasers only and they are one per household.

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- LBB Chat Room Rules

Chat is a fun way for our users to communicate with other users on the site!  The purpose of the chat room is to allow users to discover new opportunities to trade, share thoughts on different items and discuss other fun topics with fellow LBBers.  Users should be friendly, fun and fair at all times. 


The chat moderators are LBB customers that are able to ban users from the chat room for misconduct.  They are not paid LBB employees but rather caring LBB members that LOVE trading.  Misconduct is defined as A) Spam, B) Abuse, disrespect, and bullying, C) Impersonating another user, D) Promoting other commercial activities unrelated to LBB.  Mods have discretion in deciding whether to ban someone from the chat immediately for behavior that is particularly egregious or to give a warning before banning.  Participating in LBB should be fun for each and every us keep it that way!

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