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We accept unworn or unused returns with the original tags/labels for any reason up to 30 days from receipt of product. You may receive an Exchange for a similarly priced item or a refund. If your product was damaged upon arrival, please contact customer service prior to returning your items.

How to Return

  1. Select Refund or Exchange on the back of the packing slip you received with your box (If no option is selected, your return will be processed as an exchange).
  2. Include the packing slip in the original package with the return items
  3. Select the shipping carrier of choice and send along your package
  4. Once a return is received at our warehouse, it will be processed within 2-3 business days and you'll receive an e-mail notification letting you know.

Please ship your merchandise to the return address listed on your packslip. We recommend that you use a service that can track delivery. If you have misplaced your packslip, please contact Customer Service at 310-421-4500.

Refund Calculations

We calculate the refund by prorating our published retail value of the returned item(s) against the amount you paid for your little black bag (not including shipping and handling or tax). Here’s an example of a refund calculation if you returned an item with a retail value of $40 and you paid $49.95 for your bag and the total retail value of your bag was $120.
*The refund amount on an item can never be greater than the "Add to Bag" price of the item.

$40 / $120 = 33.3%

Return percentage value

33.33% X $49.95 =$16.63

Multiply the return percentage value by the price you paid

the results would be your refund amount

Refund Calculations for 'Add to Bag' Items

If you purchased an item using our 'Add to Bag' feature and would like to return it for a refund, you will get back the amount you paid for the item. If you traded away an item purchased with the 'Add to Bag' feature, then it will be treated as any other item in your bag and you will receive the prorated refund determined by the calculation to the right. Exchanges will be processed as stated above. Example, the initial retail value of 'Add to Bag' item is $40 and cost of item is $20. The ending retail value of the item after trading away your 'Add to Bag' item is $42. The total retail value of your bag, excluding non traded 'Add to Bag' items is $160. The total cost of your bag is, excluding non traded 'Add to Bag' items is $49.95 + $20.

$42 / $160 = 26.25%

Return percentage value

26.25% X ($49.95 + $20.00) =$18.36

Multiply the return percentage value by the price you paid

the results would be your refund amount

Exchange Item Expiration

Exchange items expire in 18 months from the time of processing if not redeemed.

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